I ate New York: Chavela’s

As a huge fan of Mexican food, I was over the moon when my friends planned a visit to Chavela’s into our packed NY/Brooklyn itinerary. Situated on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights Chavela’s has quickly gained a reputation as one of the go-to places for Mexican food in Brooklyn- see Yelp or Urban Spoon for extended praise if you feel the urge.

The restaurant offers a popular brunch menu at the weekend, as well as a good choice of quesadillas and daily specials, however I was there to make the most of those two words which when positioned side by side bring unadultered joy to the ever keen Brit on a budget: Happy Hour.

Happy Hour at Chavela’s runs from 4-7pm Monday –Thursday. I arrived with friends around six, sipping on margaritas/sangria and scoffing chips and salsa, while we waited for our remaining friend to finish work and join the fiesta.

Appetite well and truly whetted, once everyone had arrived we opted for the $2 (!) tacos, part of the Happy Hour extravaganza. I had Bistec (steak, onions & chipotle salsa), Aguacate con queso (avocado, cheese & refried beans) and my personal favourite Carne enchilada (pork, pineapple & coriander), all washed down with a bottle of MexicanTecate (would have been rude not to, non?). Cheap tacos and bebidas, combined with great service ensured Chavela’s went straight in at number one on my NYC food list.

Tacos at Chavela's. From left Aguacate con queso, Carne enchilada, Bistec

Tacos at Chavela’s. From left Aguacate con queso, Carne enchilada, Biste

So, prospective NYC holidaymakers. Take the subway out of Manhattan and venture to Brooklyn for a more affordable, authentic dining experience. You may find your very own Chavela’s, you may not. In the latter case feel safe in the knowledge that the prominent Happy Hours in the area will guarantee a certain level of merriness regardless.

$5 sangria. No wonder I'm smiling

$5 sangria. No wonder I’m smiling


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